The 3 partners of your desalination project in Morocco



Solarmen is an expert installer of green renewable energy systems that offers comprehensive engineering advice and tailor-made residential and commercial solar solutions that can meet multiple needs. Whether your project is in the agriculture, de the hotel industry, industry or whether you are a private individual with domestic uses, Solarmen accompanies you and advises you in your solar and desalination projects for seawater and brackish water thanks to high-performance solutions as close as possible to your installations.

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Solar Export Maroc

Solar Export Maroc est un expert fabricant intégrateur de solutions solaires marocain, ayant pour but de favoriser le développement durable et créer une terre meilleure pour les générations futures. Solarexport combine entre son engagement social et une technologie de pointe afin de produire des solutions solaires répondant aux besoins de ses partenaires installeurs et distributeurs des systèmes des panneaux photovoltaïques dans le but de développer leur investissement.

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Mascara Renewable Water

Climate change and population growth will double the demand for water by 2030 (UN). Nearly 3.9 billion people could face water scarcity by 2040 (OECD), with the poorest among them.

Faced with this challenge, Marc Vergnet and Maxime Haudebourg created Mascara Renewable Water, a company specialising in innovative water treatment using renewable energy to produce fresh, affordable water for everyone.

The first phase of development led to the industrialisation of the OSMOSUN®️, the world's first range of sunlight desalination systems. The OSMOSUN®️ offers, based on patented Mascara technologies, a range of desalination units producing between 1 and 5,000 m3 per day using only solar energy and without batteries.

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