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Fresh water thanks to 100% solar desalination

Agriculture au Maroc: irrigation et dessalement 100% solaire

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In order to meet both growing customer expectations and local social and environmental requirements, it is necessary to implement a water management plan corresponding to the high level of service in the industry and to inform your customers about it. Desalination using solar energy is a sustainable and competitive element to produce a comprehensive water management plan.

To benefit from the resilience of OSMOSUN® SOLAREXPORT solutions, we offer :

Conception OSMOSUN


We assist you in developing a modular and robust system that meets your water requirements in the long term.

Construction OSMOSUN


We deliver a turnkey solution ready to supply water autonomously to your most remote sites.



We offer a range of financial services to enable you to benefit directly from production.

Operation OSMOSUN


We provide service packages ranging from full O&M to maintenance support, including long-term spare parts supply.

Reference project


Location :
Rodriguez Island - Mauritius

Besoin en énergie solaire

Need for solar energy :
22kWp - Roof mounting

Construction OSMOSUN

Unit type :

Production quotidienne d'eau

Daily water production :
20m3 of solar energy - up to 60m3 with hybrid energy sources

Besoins quotidiens

Daily needs :
20 to 50m2 per day depending on the occupancy rate

Source eau brute

Raw water supply :
Sea water - through a beach well

Bailleur de fond

Project Funder
Entirely taken care of by the hotel.


Hotel :
42 rooms and suites + 1 swimming pool

Délai de livraison

Delivery time :
4 months from order

Technical specifications

From raw water intake to concentrate management, all the stages of an OSMOSUN® SOLAREXPORT project are designed on the basis of hotel expertise to be perfectly adapted to your local context, minimising the environmental impact and optimising its cost. The recommended integrations break down as follows:

Hôtellerie au Maroc: une eau douce grâce au dessalement 100% solaire
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About Mascara

The company specialises in innovative water treatment solutions using renewable energy sources.
The first phase of development led to the industrialisation of OSMOSUN®, the world's first range of industrial solutions for the desalination of seawater and brackish water powered by solar energy, with a daily production capacity ranging from 1 to 600 m3, and up to 5,000 m3 with hybrid energy sources. For more than six years, this major patented innovation has enabled communities, public services and private organisations around the world to produce fresh water at an unprecedented low cost, without any greenhouse gas emissions.

About Solarexport

Solarexport Solarexport is an expert Moroccan manufacturer-integrator of solar solutions, with the aim of promoting sustainable development and creating a better earth for future generations.

Solarexport combines its social commitment with cutting-edge technology to produce solar solutions that meet the needs of its partners installers and distributors of photovoltaic panel systems in order to develop their investment.

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