OSMOSUN© Solarexport

100% solar desalination in Morocco for domestic use

Agriculture au Maroc: irrigation et dessalement 100% solaire

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We accompany you from your first water analysis to the installation and follow-up of your OSMOSUN©. From now on, consume intelligently, forget your water stress!

While "on grid" photovoltaic panel installations are connected to the grid to cover all your electrical needs, the peer-to-peer power supply is independent of the general grid. The photovoltaic panels will supply electricity to a specific substation. This solution is used for energy-intensive substations such as swimming pools or heat pumps.
For example, you can opt for solar energy only for some of your equipment that you do not wish to feed into the public grid.

Construction OSMOSUN

simple d'utilisation

Automatic rinsing and reduced maintenance, can be integrated on a mobile frame.



Low operating costs, energy recovery.

Operation OSMOSUN


100% solar-powered, battery-free and automatic operation.

Cutting-edge technology to meet tomorrow's challenges

general features

Desalination plant

Encombrement de l’unité OSMOSUN®: 850 x 915 x 420 mm
Masse à sec: 80 kg
Tension d’alimentation des équipements: 24V DC*
Puissance totale installée: 0.65 kW
Débit en alimentation: Eau de mer : 1 m3/ h Eau Saumâtre : 0,3 m3/ h
Débit d’eau douce produite: Eau de mer: 0,09 à 0.12m3 /h – Eau Saumâtre : 0,2 m3 / h

Solar generator

Nombre de modules photovoltaïques nécessaires: 4 modules
Encombrement du générateur solaire: 4000 x 1500 x 1200 mm
Masse du générateur solaire (modules + support): ≈ 90 kg

How it works

Dessalement 100% solaire au Maroc
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