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The sustainable irrigation solution thanks to solar desalination.

Agriculture au Maroc: irrigation et dessalement 100% solaire

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For farmers and experts at the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, access to clean water for irrigation is a growing challenge. Solar desalination is a key component of sustainable and competitive drought-proof water resources management.

We offer across Morocco a year-round secure freshwater supply solution for the isolated needs of agricultural sites, using locally available salt water resources and solar energy.

To benefit from the resilience of OSMOSUN© SOLAREXPORT solutions, we offer:

Conception OSMOSUN


We assist you in developing a modular and robust system that meets your water requirements in the long term.

Construction OSMOSUN


Nous livrons une solution clé en main prête à fournir de l'eau de manière autonome, jusqu'à vos sites les plus isolés.



We offer a range of financial services to enable you to benefit directly from production.

Operation OSMOSUN


Nous fournissons des packages de prestations depuis l'O&M complet à un soutien à la maintenance, notamment dans la fourniture de pièces de rechange à long terme.

Reference project


Location :
Moia Moia – Cap Vert

Besoin en énergie solaire

Need for solar energy :
100m2 de PV (22 kWp)

Construction OSMOSUN

Unit type :

Production annuelle

Annual production :
30 tonnes of market garden
products per hectare

Financement opération

Funding of the operation :
Local par la vente de l’eau

Source eau brute

Raw water supply :
Brackish underground water

Besoins quotidiens

Daily needs :

Financement de l'infrastructure

Financing of infrastructure :
International Fund for
Agricultural Development (IFAD)

Délai de livraison

Delivery time :
4 months from order

Périmètre irrigué

Irrigated perimeter :
2 hectares with 30 m3/hectare

Technical specifications

From raw water intake to concentrate management, all the stages of an OSMOSUN® SOLAREXPORT project are designed on the basis of agricultural expertise to be perfectly adapted to your local context, minimising the environmental impact and optimising its cost. The recommended integrations break down as follows:

Agriculture au Maroc: irrigation et dessalement 100% solaire
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