Desalination Morocco

Solar-powered desalination solutions, by Solarexport

An innovative solution for autonomous desalination in Morocco

Mascara Renewable Water has developed the world's first solar photovoltaic reverse osmosis desalination technology, without batteries, to provide access to drinking water for everyone, everywhere, at a competitive price and without any CO2 emissions.

Indeed, faced with the challenge of supplying water to isolated areas, Marc Vergnet and Maxime Haudebourg created Mascara Renewable Water, a company specialising in innovative water treatment using renewable energies, to produce fresh and affordable water for all.
The first phase of development led to the industrialisation of the OSMOSUN®, the world's first range of desalination by the sun. Based on patented Mascara technologies, OSMOSUN® offers desalination units producing between 1 and 600 m3 per day using only solar energy and without batteries.

In the Kingdom of Morocco, and in partnership with Mascara Renewable Water, Solarexport, an expert manufacturer-integrator of solar solutions designed to promote sustainable development and create a better earth for future generations, brings its expertise and proposes the implementation of solar desalination solutions for hotels, agriculture, individuals and many other sectors.


Water that has become fresh through 100% solar or hybrid desalination and an eco-responsible image with your customers.


The sustainable irrigation solution, a key component of competitive and drought-proof water resource management.


We accompany you from your first water analysis to the installation and follow-up of your OSMOSUN©.

Renewable water for all, a world first

Solarexport, integrator of 100% Moroccan photovoltaic modules and Solarmen, a major player in the installation of solar panels in Morocco, offer you the world's first photovoltaic solar desalination technology by reverse osmosis, without batteries, to provide access to drinking water, for everyone and everywhere, at a competitive price and without any CO2 emissions.

Mascara Renewable Water, an innovative French company is our partner in the Kingdom of Morocco. The company has developed OSMOSUN, the world's first range of run-of-river desalination systems, a solution producing between 1 and 5000m3 of fresh water per day that meets the challenges of climate change and population growth for areas that suffer or will suffer from water stress.

Water treatment and desalination units offer two key advantages:

Protection eau terre
Forte compétitivité économique

Strong economic competitiveness

  • Thanks to exceptionally low operating costs
  • Despite the higher initial investment cost of the solar generator and an operating time of 8 to 10 hours per day, the solar generator has a higher initial investment cost.
Impact environnemental réduit

Low environmental impact

  • Zero greenhouse gas emissions in production
  • Very low salinity of concentrate discharges

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